Creating a URL
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how to create your own custom url
Creating a URL
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Creating a URL

How to Create a URL - Creating a URL is as easy as 1-2-3 !


  1. Start Creating A URL!  Do it now.


Just enter the URL name you would like to create in the search box above and hit the “GO!” button.  If your URL created has not been taken, get it before someone else does!  Millions of URLs are created every year.  Don’t lose the custom URL you created.  If the URL address you want has already been created, use the advanced search tools within the site to help you in creating a URL that will work for your website.  


  1. How To Create a URL if Your URL Has Already Been Created.


It’s a fact that all the one word and most of the two word URLs have already been created.  Same for all three and four letter URLs.  URLs such as or are really neat and marketable, but they were created soon after the internet was invented. If the custom URL address you want is already taken, use the advanced URL creation search tools within the site to help you create a URL that will work for you.  Click here.


  1. Creating a URL that is great is still possible.


You can get “premium URLs”, or URLs that someone else has created.  Simply look at the search results once you have entered in your desired URL to see if it’s available as a premium purchase.


Creating a URL another way is as simple as adding a common ending to the web name you want.  For example, try adding a generic company specifier such as:  Group; Inc; Agency; or Partners.  You may have luck creating a url by adding an industry description term to your desired URL name like:  Dentist; Medical; Media; or IT.  Also try adding your city and state to the address while creating URLs. 


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Creating a URL

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